About us

Ac2ality is an accessible and digital media outlet that aims to communicate worldwide news in an objective, simple and visual way. We seek to inform a specific target audience that wants to understand what is happening in the world in just a couple of minutes. We are talking about the leaders of the future, Generation Z.

How did Ac2ality start?

Ac2ality was founded in 2018 on my bedroom. We were having a sleepover at my place and at some point, we were trying to understand what the heck was going on with Brexit. We immediately realised that we could not understand the event by reading only a single news article. This made us recognise the gap there is between standard newspapers and upcoming generations. We wanted to understand what was happening in the world but were too lazy to dig through articles to fully comprehend it all. Now, more than ever, we know that we were not the only ones. Belonging to an increasingly digital and busy generation, we recognised the need for quick and easy news consumption.

Meet the Team

Daniela Álvarez

Founder & Owner

BSc International Relationships & Politics

I was born in Madrid, Spain, and after high school, I continued my undergraduate studies on International Relationships and Politics at Queen Mary University of London. Once I graduated, I started working for the Spanish Embassy at The United Nations in New York, which is when I decided to found Ac2ality.

Gabriela Campbell


BSc Biotechnology & MS Bioinformatics

Luc Blonden

Business Development

BSc IBA & MSc Finance

Celeste Giardinelli

Social Media Manager

BSc Global Communication

Paula Muñoz

Content Creator