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The Great Depression (1929-1939), explained

The Great Depression, explained for dummies. How did it start? The causes and consequences of the Great Depression.summary wtf  1918: THE BEGINNING. After WWI, the U.S...

The European refugee crisis, explained

THE REFUGEE CRISIS, EXPLAINED. Reminder. In 2015, many migrants and refugees fled to Europe, escaping the Syrian civil war. That influx of refugees slowed down when...

Coronavirus: The Origin Theories, explained

There are huge speculations going on about how the coronavirus originated.  The most supported theory says the virus originated in a Chinese market in...

Why US oil prices fell to historic lows, explained

Take my oil, please.  US oil prices turned negative for the first time ever. In other words, demand was so low that oil producers...

WeWork’s fall, explained in 300 words

WeWork's fall, explained. WeWork is a real estate company that offers cool shared office spaces. A year ago, the company was valued at $41 billion....

Coronavirus explained in 6 charts

Coronavirus explained in 6 charts.               

Trump’s plan to make Venezuela a democracy, explained

The story. The U.S. has outlined its plan to achieve democracy in Venezuela. Basically, Trump wants to hold new elections in which neither Nicolás Maduro...

Trump’s $2 trillion coronavirus relief plan, explained

The story. President Donald Trump has signed a $2 trillion economic relief plan to offer assistance to tens of millions of Americans affected by the...

China vs the US: the new Cold War, explained

The new Cold War. China and the US are two great world powers, and both seek world hegemony. We can see the rivalry of...


TikTok is here to stay. The deal, explained

Trump agrees to TikTok deal with Oracle and Walmart, allowing app’s U.S. operations to continue.

Is there life on Venus?

A group of scientists suggested that there could be life on Venus, the closest planet to Earth.

Apple vs Epic Games: the war, explained

Apple is suing Epic Games, the company that owns Fortnite, for breach of contract.

Wtf is happening in California with inmate firefighters?

As wildfires in California rage on, some inmates have come to help. What's the controversy???

Wtf is happening with TikTok? Is it a good buy?

TikTok could increase its value up to $200.000 million, according to analysts.

Putin’s biggest opponent has suspectedly been poisoned.

Alexei Navalny, Putin’s biggest opponent, has suspectedly been poisoned. THE STORY. On a flight from Siberia to Moscow, Alexei started feeling very unwell. After making an...