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China launches rocket to Mars. The new space race?

Today, China launched a rocket into space towards planet Mars, making it its first independent mission to another planet.

Why companies are abandoning Facebook, explained

A growing number of major advertisers are abandoning Facebook amid criticism the social media company is letting hateful or false posts go unchecked.

China is arresting Muslims in concentration camps!

Yesterday, China's ambassador to the UK was asked about a drone video allegedly showing prisoners from Xinjiang shackled, blindfolded, and being led to trains.

Russia’s been accused of trying to steal COVID-19 vaccine

The US, UK, and Canada. Yesterday, intel agencies from the three countries said Russian hackers were trying to steal COVID-19 vaccine.

UK bans Huawei from its 5G network, explained

Experts think the UK’s decision resulted from US warnings that using Chinese 5G vendors could jeopardize US-UK intelligence ties.

US-China tensions heat up in South China Sea, explained

The U.S has rejected for the first time nearly all of China's claims in the highly contested waterway. This has increased tensions between China and the U.S.

In new book, Trump’s niece spills family secrets!

In new book, Trump’s niece describes him as someone psychologically damaged by his “sociopath father”.

Wtf is happening with TikTok?

Trump says he’s considering a ban on TikTok in the U.S.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro tests positive for COVID-19

Bolsonaro says he is taking hydroxychloroquine, a drug that he says cures covid-19, despite no scientific evidence.


TikTok is here to stay. The deal, explained

Trump agrees to TikTok deal with Oracle and Walmart, allowing app’s U.S. operations to continue.

Is there life on Venus?

A group of scientists suggested that there could be life on Venus, the closest planet to Earth.

Apple vs Epic Games: the war, explained

Apple is suing Epic Games, the company that owns Fortnite, for breach of contract.

Wtf is happening in California with inmate firefighters?

As wildfires in California rage on, some inmates have come to help. What's the controversy???

Wtf is happening with TikTok? Is it a good buy?

TikTok could increase its value up to $200.000 million, according to analysts.

Putin’s biggest opponent has suspectedly been poisoned.

Alexei Navalny, Putin’s biggest opponent, has suspectedly been poisoned. THE STORY. On a flight from Siberia to Moscow, Alexei started feeling very unwell. After making an...