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Is there life on Venus?

A group of scientists suggested that there could be life on Venus, the closest planet to Earth.

Apple vs Epic Games: the war, explained

Apple is suing Epic Games, the company that owns Fortnite, for breach of contract.

Wtf is happening in California with inmate firefighters?

As wildfires in California rage on, some inmates have come to help. What's the controversy???

Wtf is happening with TikTok? Is it a good buy?

TikTok could increase its value up to $200.000 million, according to analysts.


Kanye West breaks down during emotional presidential campaign launch

Kanye West held his first campaign event in South Carolina on Sunday night. It was equal parts bizarre and uncomfortable.

George Floyd’s protests turned violent

Watch how protests against police brutality and racism turned violent. Violence has erupted in cities across the US on the sixth night of protests...

How the stock market works, explained

What is the Stock Market? How does it work? The Stock Market, explained for dummies. Understand the stock market in 2 minutes.

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Putin’s biggest opponent has suspectedly been poisoned.

Alexei Navalny, Putin’s biggest opponent, has suspectedly been poisoned. THE STORY. On a flight from Siberia to Moscow, Alexei started feeling very unwell. After making an...

Wtf is happening in Belarus?

At least two people have died, 200 have been injured, and more than 6,000 people have been arrested.

Joe Biden made a historic VP pick. Who is she?

Joe Biden made a historic VP pick. After months of deliberation, Biden followed through on his promise to have a woman join the ticket. 

Mauritius oil spill: Fears vessel may ‘break in two’

It is the biggest environmental disaster Mauritius has ever faced. 

Russia, the first country to register a vaccine for Covid-19

Putin claims that the vaccine is safe and passed all the necessary checks. One of his daughters is said to have already received the vaccine.

Beirut explosion: What happened and what is the problem?

A warehouse with over 2,750 metric tons of a fertilizer called Ammonium Nitrate exploded.

Wtf is going on with TikTok and Microsoft?

US tech giant Microsoft has confirmed that it is continuing talks to purchase the US operations of Chinese-owned video-sharing app TikTok.

Why Trump suggests delay US presidential election

Donald Trump has suggested November's presidential election be postponed, saying increased postal voting could lead to fraud and inaccurate results.

Tech CEOs testify to Congress at antitrust hearing

The US’s top tech bosses were told they have “too much power”, are censoring political speech, spreading fake news and “killing” the engines of the American economy, at a combative congressional hearing on Wednesday.

How is the American President elected?

96 days until the U.S general election! Do you know how the U.S electoral system work? Why did Trump win with less votes than Hillary Clinton? The Electoral College, explained.

Gold price hits record high, explained

Gold prices have soared to a record high, with investors rushing to find safe places to park their money as concerns grow about a resurgence in the coronavirus and the impact that could have on the global economy.

Why anti-government protests have erupted in Russia, explained

Tens of thousands of people have been rallying in support of Sergei Furgal, the ousted governor, calling for him to be freed.

Kanye West breaks down during emotional presidential campaign launch

Kanye West held his first campaign event in South Carolina on Sunday night. It was equal parts bizarre and uncomfortable.

Wtf is Trump’s “Operation Legend” program?!

Trump sent federal troops to some cities to help bring back safety and help with community policing.

Coronavirus vaccine: When will we have one?

If the world manages to get one out to people by mid-2021 – which is the timeline most experts think we're on – it'll be a phenomenal achievement.

China launches rocket to Mars. The new space race?

Today, China launched a rocket into space towards planet Mars, making it its first independent mission to another planet.

Why companies are abandoning Facebook, explained

A growing number of major advertisers are abandoning Facebook amid criticism the social media company is letting hateful or false posts go unchecked.

China is arresting Muslims in concentration camps!

Yesterday, China's ambassador to the UK was asked about a drone video allegedly showing prisoners from Xinjiang shackled, blindfolded, and being led to trains.

Is Trump cancelling foreign student visas!?

The Trump administration said it would no longer require foreign students to attend in-person classes during the coronavirus pandemic in order to remain in the country.

Russia’s been accused of trying to steal COVID-19 vaccine

The US, UK, and Canada. Yesterday, intel agencies from the three countries said Russian hackers were trying to steal COVID-19 vaccine.

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